Thursday, December 11, 2008

SWEET: Reservoir

Last weekend, a few of us (cousins and friends) went to Reservoir on University Place to watch the Giants game. First off, let me explain a little about myself, I’m not the biggest sports fan per se, however I am a big fan of eating wings, fries, nachos and drinking beer - all of your standard game food. So by default you may say I am a sports fan, as long as there is a steady stream of food in front of my face to hold my attention.

So – while in Union Square area, we decided to go somewhere and watch the game, while deliberating where to go someone threw out Reservoir, I wont lie, when the suggestion came up I definitely hated on it as soon as I found out it was a Philly bar. I was in no mood to have sports banter and obscenities hollered at my table getting in my way of me gorging on an unhealthy amount of fried fatty foods – but I, hesitantly, agreed to go - not wanting to be difficult and all.

Well – I must say I really enjoyed my experience there. It’s what a pub should be, not grimy enough to be called a dive bar, but not nice enough to make you feel like your sneakers and hoodie are inappropriate. They had beer specials, decent atmosphere, actually had good food, and a respectable bathroom (that’s my requirement, not a good pub requirement)! Oh and they had great water, lots of ice, with those classy cubes - square with the hole in the middle, you know the ones. As TH’s friend perfectly put it, “like a mini luge.” It makes you feel special.

The only negative, the plastic water cups were opaque, so the waitress didn’t take notice to my empty water glass nor came over to ask if we needed anything, LIKE MORE WATER, and I will point out it had a slight lingering smell of you typical Sunday morning pub after a Saturday night and oh the BBQ was lacking (I am a BBQ connisoire if you must know) But all the pros outweighed the few cons. I’m definitely going back! Maybe even next Sunday to check out the mac and cheese.

Beef Stew – didn’t have it, well maybe just a taste, but it had rave, RAVE reviews I tell you!

Spinach and Artichoke Dip – Smoky, cheesy, delicious.

Waffle Fries – de-lonk-u-lous.

4 out of 5 stars for excellence on pinning down great pub food and the affordable prices.

PS – Thanks to SC for taking pics

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tebbx said...

i was so tired tonight but part of me wishes we had gone for the waffle fries. ps why you gotta hate on children? that don't fly with heavy d comp