Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

SWEET: Penelope’s

Quaint country meets New York’s palate - Penelope’s offers awesome food at an affordable price.

Have you ever waken up on a weekend morning - headed to the local diner, order whatever – only to leave feeling disappointed with your meal? Well I have. In fact, pretty much every time.

Well, Penelope’s combines upscale diner with a little bit of country love providing the perfect cure to your weekend diner blues. The d├ęcor inside consists of rustic white and baby blue French country – the menu is filled with “diner” favorites like burgers, salads, mac and cheese, egg sandwiches, pancakes – and the best part about the menu? If you are a meat lover – great. They’ve got you covered. But if not they have soy-sage, fakin’ bacon and veggie burgers – definitely a crowd pleaser. And with the exception of the Pot Pie – everything runs around $10.

My favorites to-date are the veggie burger, Penny Egg Sandwich with basil olive oil – (sets this over the top and I NEVER order eggs out) – and for dessert old fashioned cupcakes, ginger carrot cake and/or (who says you have to get just one) warm Nutella with strawberries.

This cash only establishment located on Lex and 30th – delivers – ummm awesome – and is never disappointing.

Unfortunately this place isn’t a “little known secret” so be prepared to wait at least an hour for weekend brunch.

PS - I HEART Penelope’s

Thursday, February 26, 2009

SWEET: President’s Address to Congress

So I was watching the president’s address to congress on Tuesday night, and I have one comment – What is up with standing up and clapping after every time he says something? I understand it’s all moving and full of important issues that need to be dealt with, but come on people, after every single sentence? Let’s keep it to the really select statements or really moving issues. I mean – I think some of the older people were getting motion sickness. And quite frankly – it was pissing me off. I mean – let him get out a full idea before you start clapping every 3 words.

Obama: Kids today need our help
Clap Clap Clap
Obmaba: they are important parts of our society
Clap Clap Clap
Obama: and more importantly they are our future
Obama: so lets move boldly and swiftly

That address was like 60 % talking 40 % clapping and standing. You can think of it like the word “innovative” or “awesome” once you start using it to describe everything – it starts to loose its relevance and impact. What do you think?

Friday, February 20, 2009

SWEET: Overheard entry

I just entered this conversation to -

Starbucks on Madison and 40th:

starbucks employee to disheveled looking woman: ...because it is a federal offense maam

disheveled looking woman: did you just call me a bitch?

starbucks employee: no I said it is a federal offense

disheveled looking woman: no you called me a bitch

That was the last we heard since we were walking out

Just incase it doesnt make it, I still wanted to share it. If you don't know what overheard it, I suggest you visit the site to find out. Its totally worth it.

Link to

Thursday, February 19, 2009

SWEET: PC Commercial

I have an extremely cold hearth when it comes to children. I am not easily won over. Unless you are a close friend, I don’t want to see the pictures of your grandkid’s first day of school, the drawing your little cousin made for you or your best friend’s kid’s b-day party. Another reason I hate seeing pictures of kids because I feel almost pressured to say, “oohhhh how cute!” when many, many, MANY times I do not feel that way. It’s almost like I am lying. The same goes for b-days. I mean family or friends HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!, but a random co-workers I only pass in the hallways, I really don’t want to wish you a happy b-day. Not saying I wish you a bad birthday, I just don’t care. So going out of my way to say it feels fake.

So I am sure by now, every one has seen PCs counter commercial to the Mac commercials, “I’m a PC”…in the commercials they showed a variety of home videos from people around the world saying “I’m a PC.” Pretty smart, connects the people in the commercials to everyday people watching the commercials and shows you how all over the world all different types of people, including the MAC creative types, use PCs. WELL follow-up to those commercials, PC put out a commercial that sold-SOLD me 100% using the cuteness child to market their product. This is hard to do because usually I am extra critical of any AD, TV show, movie, PR or marketing effort trying to use children or love to sell me.

It’s a new commercial with the goal show how easy it is to maneuver and use a PC. So a little girl shows viewers how she uploads her photos, enhances them and emails them to her parents and at the end she declares “I’m a PC and I’m 4 and a half!”

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her. I want to stunt her growth and adopt her. She is adorable. Then a week later or so they began airing a similar type commercial with an older girl. Ehhhh. Its not that she isn’t cute, it’s that the 4-year-old is the cutest ever so she kind of stole kid #2’s thunder. I mean, if you weren’t going to put the older kid’s commercial out first, honestly, why even bother. It was a waste of money. Burn the reel and move on.

PC – 1 Mac - 0

Below please find a link to the commercial

I'm a PC and I'm 4 Link

SALTY for TH – SWEET for us: Tappas Party - Part 2

So as we are all hanging out, laughing, prepping to play “Celebrity” the most awesome game ever –TH is missing. Rewind 10 mins – TH and I went to use the bathroom at the same time – so I was waiting for her to come out. She didn’t. 10 mins go by, 15 mins go by – I am now dreading using the bathroom after her. Fast forward about 5 mins and some deliberation amongst the guests. I am chosen to go check on her. We are cousin’s after all. From that moment here is a recount of how the night progressed:

Knock, knock
“TH are you okay?”
“I’m locked in!”
I laugh out loud
“Oh it happens all the time. You just have to jiggle it”
This is my BFFs place and I too have gotten “locked” in the bathroom I think I can totally be the hero and get her out. I cant. Hmmmm…..
“uh…hold on”
Not trying to draw any attention to the situation, I quietly return with BB. She cannot open the door.
BB’s BF comes in.
He cannot open the door.
We get BB’s brother, no joke kind of guy
HE CANNOT open the door.
At this point, we know this is a situation – were we worried? sort of. Were we giggling? hells-ya. I mean we knew we would get her out, we just didn’t know the extremes it might take to get her out.
On the other side of the wall – we are later told that Guns is in there, telling everyone something is going on in the bedroom and they all have go and check it out.
Now everyone is in the bedroom, outside the bathroom laughing and taking in the free entertainment.
We offer TH mookies (a brilliant combo of muffins and cookies) through the bottom of the door. She declines. Hey we offered.
BB calls her super.
All I can say from here is that is was like the Christine of doors. This thing did not want to open. At multiple points we suggested calling the fire department to get her out. Goggles were worn, movie style kicks that may have damaged someone’s foot where done – springs, screws, and whatever else constitutes of a door knob were flying every where. At one point BB yelled to TH “TH GET IN THE SHOWER” TH later told us it was like poltergeist inside the bathroom.

After probably about an hour and a half, she finally emerges. WE all clap – she’s free and we can get back to what is really important. Celebrity and the cinnamon blintzes.

Monday, December 15, 2008

SWEET: Tappas Party - Part 1

So this weekend my friends and I had a little gathering to celebrate the holidays and substitute the gift giving with the party since we are all so tight on cash. We each had to bring something to eat and something to drink. There were delicious turkey meatballs with 3 dipping sauces, pumpkin cups (mini pastry cheese cakes), chocolate peanut butter mookies (cross between cookies and muffins), an assortment of cheeses, hummus & pita chips and toast with fig jam and goat cheese just to name a few. I brought these Cinnamon mini blintzes I had last year at a holiday party and nearly lost my shiz-it when I ate them.

Naturally I had to make them this year, and when I saw the recipe was no more complicated than any standard Kraft cookbook recipe I was even more psyched to make them. Since I love rating things and I want to hear everyone say how fabulous the mini blintzes are, in-turn how fabulous I am for making them, I made everyone rate them – and while my friends who know me and aren’t afraid of me rated them honestly, those who didn’t know me so well, lets just say I may have strong armed them into giving a higher rating –its what I do. Outcome may be skewed.

Cinnamon Blintzes - 5 out of 5 stars

Below is the delonkulus recipe for everyone to enjoy

1 king size loaf of white bread
1 lb. cream cheese
2 egg yolks
½ cup sugar
1 stick melted butter
3/4 cup brown sugar
¼ cup cinnamon

1. Remove crusts from white bread and discard
2. Dump cream cheese into a mixing bowl and use hand blender to thoroughly cream. Add egg yolks and sugar and continue blending until smooth.
3. Spread a generous smear of the cream cheese mixture on one side of each slice of bread. Roll each slice of bread into a cigar shape.
4. Combine brown sugar and cinnamon and set aside.
5. Dip each slice of rolled-up bread into the melted butter and then the brown sugar mixture to coat.
6. Place each slice of rolled-up bread on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 until done.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

SWEET: Reservoir

Last weekend, a few of us (cousins and friends) went to Reservoir on University Place to watch the Giants game. First off, let me explain a little about myself, I’m not the biggest sports fan per se, however I am a big fan of eating wings, fries, nachos and drinking beer - all of your standard game food. So by default you may say I am a sports fan, as long as there is a steady stream of food in front of my face to hold my attention.

So – while in Union Square area, we decided to go somewhere and watch the game, while deliberating where to go someone threw out Reservoir, I wont lie, when the suggestion came up I definitely hated on it as soon as I found out it was a Philly bar. I was in no mood to have sports banter and obscenities hollered at my table getting in my way of me gorging on an unhealthy amount of fried fatty foods – but I, hesitantly, agreed to go - not wanting to be difficult and all.

Well – I must say I really enjoyed my experience there. It’s what a pub should be, not grimy enough to be called a dive bar, but not nice enough to make you feel like your sneakers and hoodie are inappropriate. They had beer specials, decent atmosphere, actually had good food, and a respectable bathroom (that’s my requirement, not a good pub requirement)! Oh and they had great water, lots of ice, with those classy cubes - square with the hole in the middle, you know the ones. As TH’s friend perfectly put it, “like a mini luge.” It makes you feel special.

The only negative, the plastic water cups were opaque, so the waitress didn’t take notice to my empty water glass nor came over to ask if we needed anything, LIKE MORE WATER, and I will point out it had a slight lingering smell of you typical Sunday morning pub after a Saturday night and oh the BBQ was lacking (I am a BBQ connisoire if you must know) But all the pros outweighed the few cons. I’m definitely going back! Maybe even next Sunday to check out the mac and cheese.

Beef Stew – didn’t have it, well maybe just a taste, but it had rave, RAVE reviews I tell you!

Spinach and Artichoke Dip – Smoky, cheesy, delicious.

Waffle Fries – de-lonk-u-lous.

4 out of 5 stars for excellence on pinning down great pub food and the affordable prices.

PS – Thanks to SC for taking pics


This weekend three of my favorite girls and I went out to get brunch on Saturday. We WANTED to go to Penelope’s (pure goodness), but as expected the wait was like an hour and a half. Being that we were all hungry and anxious to get our day started, we opted to go somewhere else. Please insert Banc. I want to like it, I really, really do, but I’ve been there a few times and the food is always okay-less than satisfactory. See if it had really good food, it would be the perfect place for me to meet people at, it’s close enough that I don’t have to go too far from home (a quick walk will get me there unscathed in any weather) yet, far enough that I can tell myself I am going further than I really am so I am not the jerk who always tries to make plans in their neighborhood, even though I think I live it the best area ever.

Anyway, it’s just not that good. As a whole, the table was not pleased with our meals, and after our meal two of us (me being one of them) briefly believed we had food poisoning and were going to be sick.

I got the Nova Eggs Benedict which is eggs benedict with smoked salmon instead of ham. Eggs were fine, hash browns unmemorable, really like the side salad…BUT the smoked salmon was way nas-ass-ty. I’ve had plenty of smoked salmon in my day, I’m a fan, if there were a club, I might join it, but this smoked salmon had that uncomfortable fishy taste. You know the one that as your eating it all your thinking is “I am totally going to get some freaky bacteria and have bathroom issues for the next 2 days,” yeah that kind of fishy. So after my first bite I thought, MAYBE it was just a bad bite, the next wont be that bad, but it was, so needless to say I ate pretty much everything other than the salmon.

Will I go as far as to say I will never go back?…it’s in a great location, decent variety on the menu and many out of town guest have been partial to the atmosphere, but on the flip side, am I going out of my way to eat there?…no… Do I like rhetorical questions… yes.

2 out of 5 stars for at least having the dignity to appear clean and for their major perk: they are cool with you bringing your dog to their outside seating and will even bring your dog water.