Thursday, March 5, 2009

SWEET: Penelope’s

Quaint country meets New York’s palate - Penelope’s offers awesome food at an affordable price.

Have you ever waken up on a weekend morning - headed to the local diner, order whatever – only to leave feeling disappointed with your meal? Well I have. In fact, pretty much every time.

Well, Penelope’s combines upscale diner with a little bit of country love providing the perfect cure to your weekend diner blues. The d├ęcor inside consists of rustic white and baby blue French country – the menu is filled with “diner” favorites like burgers, salads, mac and cheese, egg sandwiches, pancakes – and the best part about the menu? If you are a meat lover – great. They’ve got you covered. But if not they have soy-sage, fakin’ bacon and veggie burgers – definitely a crowd pleaser. And with the exception of the Pot Pie – everything runs around $10.

My favorites to-date are the veggie burger, Penny Egg Sandwich with basil olive oil – (sets this over the top and I NEVER order eggs out) – and for dessert old fashioned cupcakes, ginger carrot cake and/or (who says you have to get just one) warm Nutella with strawberries.

This cash only establishment located on Lex and 30th – delivers – ummm awesome – and is never disappointing.

Unfortunately this place isn’t a “little known secret” so be prepared to wait at least an hour for weekend brunch.

PS - I HEART Penelope’s