Thursday, December 11, 2008


This weekend three of my favorite girls and I went out to get brunch on Saturday. We WANTED to go to Penelope’s (pure goodness), but as expected the wait was like an hour and a half. Being that we were all hungry and anxious to get our day started, we opted to go somewhere else. Please insert Banc. I want to like it, I really, really do, but I’ve been there a few times and the food is always okay-less than satisfactory. See if it had really good food, it would be the perfect place for me to meet people at, it’s close enough that I don’t have to go too far from home (a quick walk will get me there unscathed in any weather) yet, far enough that I can tell myself I am going further than I really am so I am not the jerk who always tries to make plans in their neighborhood, even though I think I live it the best area ever.

Anyway, it’s just not that good. As a whole, the table was not pleased with our meals, and after our meal two of us (me being one of them) briefly believed we had food poisoning and were going to be sick.

I got the Nova Eggs Benedict which is eggs benedict with smoked salmon instead of ham. Eggs were fine, hash browns unmemorable, really like the side salad…BUT the smoked salmon was way nas-ass-ty. I’ve had plenty of smoked salmon in my day, I’m a fan, if there were a club, I might join it, but this smoked salmon had that uncomfortable fishy taste. You know the one that as your eating it all your thinking is “I am totally going to get some freaky bacteria and have bathroom issues for the next 2 days,” yeah that kind of fishy. So after my first bite I thought, MAYBE it was just a bad bite, the next wont be that bad, but it was, so needless to say I ate pretty much everything other than the salmon.

Will I go as far as to say I will never go back?…it’s in a great location, decent variety on the menu and many out of town guest have been partial to the atmosphere, but on the flip side, am I going out of my way to eat there?…no… Do I like rhetorical questions… yes.

2 out of 5 stars for at least having the dignity to appear clean and for their major perk: they are cool with you bringing your dog to their outside seating and will even bring your dog water.


Lea Anne said...

the picture of that salmon makes me want to hurl.

but very well written post! i thought the steamed veggies and rice dish there was quite yumm-o though.

Valley said...

Fair - veggies and rice get a yummy!