Thursday, February 19, 2009

SALTY for TH – SWEET for us: Tappas Party - Part 2

So as we are all hanging out, laughing, prepping to play “Celebrity” the most awesome game ever –TH is missing. Rewind 10 mins – TH and I went to use the bathroom at the same time – so I was waiting for her to come out. She didn’t. 10 mins go by, 15 mins go by – I am now dreading using the bathroom after her. Fast forward about 5 mins and some deliberation amongst the guests. I am chosen to go check on her. We are cousin’s after all. From that moment here is a recount of how the night progressed:

Knock, knock
“TH are you okay?”
“I’m locked in!”
I laugh out loud
“Oh it happens all the time. You just have to jiggle it”
This is my BFFs place and I too have gotten “locked” in the bathroom I think I can totally be the hero and get her out. I cant. Hmmmm…..
“uh…hold on”
Not trying to draw any attention to the situation, I quietly return with BB. She cannot open the door.
BB’s BF comes in.
He cannot open the door.
We get BB’s brother, no joke kind of guy
HE CANNOT open the door.
At this point, we know this is a situation – were we worried? sort of. Were we giggling? hells-ya. I mean we knew we would get her out, we just didn’t know the extremes it might take to get her out.
On the other side of the wall – we are later told that Guns is in there, telling everyone something is going on in the bedroom and they all have go and check it out.
Now everyone is in the bedroom, outside the bathroom laughing and taking in the free entertainment.
We offer TH mookies (a brilliant combo of muffins and cookies) through the bottom of the door. She declines. Hey we offered.
BB calls her super.
All I can say from here is that is was like the Christine of doors. This thing did not want to open. At multiple points we suggested calling the fire department to get her out. Goggles were worn, movie style kicks that may have damaged someone’s foot where done – springs, screws, and whatever else constitutes of a door knob were flying every where. At one point BB yelled to TH “TH GET IN THE SHOWER” TH later told us it was like poltergeist inside the bathroom.

After probably about an hour and a half, she finally emerges. WE all clap – she’s free and we can get back to what is really important. Celebrity and the cinnamon blintzes.

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Alan said...

I am so happy I was able to witness that for myself. Hilarious!