Thursday, February 19, 2009

SWEET: PC Commercial

I have an extremely cold hearth when it comes to children. I am not easily won over. Unless you are a close friend, I don’t want to see the pictures of your grandkid’s first day of school, the drawing your little cousin made for you or your best friend’s kid’s b-day party. Another reason I hate seeing pictures of kids because I feel almost pressured to say, “oohhhh how cute!” when many, many, MANY times I do not feel that way. It’s almost like I am lying. The same goes for b-days. I mean family or friends HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!, but a random co-workers I only pass in the hallways, I really don’t want to wish you a happy b-day. Not saying I wish you a bad birthday, I just don’t care. So going out of my way to say it feels fake.

So I am sure by now, every one has seen PCs counter commercial to the Mac commercials, “I’m a PC”…in the commercials they showed a variety of home videos from people around the world saying “I’m a PC.” Pretty smart, connects the people in the commercials to everyday people watching the commercials and shows you how all over the world all different types of people, including the MAC creative types, use PCs. WELL follow-up to those commercials, PC put out a commercial that sold-SOLD me 100% using the cuteness child to market their product. This is hard to do because usually I am extra critical of any AD, TV show, movie, PR or marketing effort trying to use children or love to sell me.

It’s a new commercial with the goal show how easy it is to maneuver and use a PC. So a little girl shows viewers how she uploads her photos, enhances them and emails them to her parents and at the end she declares “I’m a PC and I’m 4 and a half!”

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her. I want to stunt her growth and adopt her. She is adorable. Then a week later or so they began airing a similar type commercial with an older girl. Ehhhh. Its not that she isn’t cute, it’s that the 4-year-old is the cutest ever so she kind of stole kid #2’s thunder. I mean, if you weren’t going to put the older kid’s commercial out first, honestly, why even bother. It was a waste of money. Burn the reel and move on.

PC – 1 Mac - 0

Below please find a link to the commercial

I'm a PC and I'm 4 Link

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